Born and raised in conservative Salt Lake City, Andrew Love never quite fit the mold his conservative Mormon family had envisioned for him. While he did become an Eagle Scout at the age of 16, Andrew ended up re-purposing those leather working and knot tying skills for more erotic purposes.

Finding his entrance into the leather community in the somewhat secretive Salt Lake City Leather community, Andrew immersed himself and quickly took on roles managing community websites, mailing lists, and helping schedule educational classes. He is a graduate of the Journeyman 3 Academy in Salt Lake City, UT- an 18 Month series of intensives surrounding leather and spirituality.

In Early 2007 he was asked to take over and run “The Path”, a 101 intensive series of classes focused on BDSM & Leather. He ran The Path until mid-2008 when he took a leading role with Leather Quest (reorganized name of the Journeyman 3 Academy). Leather Quest is a formal training Academy in Utah which focuses on teaching skills needed to be a successful and productive member of the community. His dedication to the education of the community is just another way Andrew stays actively involved in the Leather community and his Leather family and upholds his beliefs in giving back to the community.

From 2005 to 2008 Mr. Love ran a small business called “SinCrafters” making and selling floggers at events with his business partner Nick. Andrew and Nick vended in Utah and events in the West, including Thunder in the Mountains. Their skills and products raised the bar for quality and craftsmanship- two commonalities that have run the thread of Andrew's life.

In May of 2008, Andrew entered the West Coast Leather Competition in LA and won the title of Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather. He then went on to win the international title Mr. Olympus Leather 2008 in July of the same year.

In April of 2010, inspired by a drive to give back to the community he loves, Andrew founded the Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather Competition in Salt Lake City. The event was renamed in 2014 to Rocky Mountain Rebellion and the contest replaced with Rocky Mountain Person of Leather. Mr. Love founded this event based on the belief that the leather community is a diverse group and his desire to see that diversity represented. He continues to show his dedication to the community by producing the event every year and it is his hope that the event now moving it to its eighth year will be a welcoming place for all who wish to participate.  

In August of 2011 Andrew received the Pantheon of Leather’s Presidents Award citing his community service and commitment to his Leather Traditions.

In January 2018, Mr. Love and his slave TC helped launch Salt Lake Cities first ever MAsT chapter.  He is also proud to be a member of the steering committee to launch the first ever Utah Leather Pride, which will be held with Mr. Leather SLUT a contest Andrew founded in 2017.

Andrew has taught educational classes on a variety of topics in a number of cities including Salt Lake, LA, Denver and Atlanta.  His teaching style is interactive and fun, reflective of his easy manner and ever present sense of humor. His topics include: Punishment & Discipline, Play Piercing, BDSM Play Dynamics, Medical play, Blood Play, Building a Better Flogger, and many more.

Andrew can be found at a variety of leather events across the West. He regularly attends men’s events such as the Las Vegas Smokeout  and pansexual events like Sin in the City, Behind Closed Doors and many more. His areas of interest are wide but include, blood play, play piercing, flogging, uniforms, mummification, cigars, single tails, and interrogation.