I would like to welcome you to my Creations page by telling you a little about what drives me to strive for perfection and beauty in my toys.
A well crafted toy adds to the beauty of a scene. Agreed, one can play with any tool, but a well crafted and perfectly balanced tool creates a harmony and balance within a scene. A toy should be more than a toy. It should act as an extension of the person wielding it, creating pleasure not only in the action but in its appearance as well.
I believe that a toy is a source of pride. It is as important as the care one puts into his appearance, his style. For me, my toys are a reflection of who I am and what I hold dear. My toys show my attention to detail, reflect my personal style and show the dedication I put into my work. Everyone who has held or wielded a beautifully crafted toy knows the sense of pride that can be felt just by simply knowing the quality of the toy in ones hand.
When I create a toy, my goal is not to create something that will last just for a scene or two. I am creating a piece of functional art that I am intending will last the rest of my life. I take steps that others wouldn't even consider just to insure the highest possible quality and strength from my work. My work is an extension of myself and I consider the strength of my creations to be a reflection of my own strength. I take extra steps within my own life to strengthen and grow, holding myself to the highest of standards- standards to which I hold my craftsmanship as well. I am always happy to talk to anyone about the details of my work and happy to teach anyone who takes the time to learn from my experiences. I relate this also to other aspects of my life in the community- I am always happy to teach any who wish to learn.

 I am no longer in the business of selling toys for profit but I do welcome any who wish to learn my methods to come and learn for themselves.