Andrew Love’s Guide To Effective Discipline and Punishment
Power Exchange dynamics can have many pitfalls and Andrew Love has avoided some, fallen in others and learned from them all. If you find yourself in the world of Power Exchange struggling to find an effective structure that provides mutually beneficial result, this class is for you.  Mr. Love will cover the points of effective discipline and examine the effective use of punishment in Power Exchange relationships.

It’s Only A Little Blood
There will be blood.. okay, more than a little. This class is not for the faint of heart but it is for those seeking a magical and passionate new awareness of that which flows in our veins. Andrew Love has a passion for blood and will cover the erotic nature and the mystical and magical properties of blood.  Some attention will be paid to safety basics but most of our focus will be on the blood itself.

Erotic Breathing
The world around me fades, I only have this moment.  Those eyes, his touch and my trust are all I know.  In this class, we explore the art and passion of breath control. We will look at the different forms of breath control and the effects and safety concerns that go with each one. From restricted breathing, oxygen deprivation and choke holds to gas masks,  we will cover a wide spectrum of breath play.
Erotic Humiliation & Degradation
In this class, we will be exploring the erotic uses of dirty, nasty, offensive words and actions. Learn the intricacies of  combining these elements to create a mental space for one to experience the depths of depravity and the taste of taboo.   Instead of a human being experiencing the filth as simply environmental, a person in that moment can internalize it, embracing the filth and becoming the subject of everything that is depraved and loathsome in this world.  We will discuss the psychological aspects and requirements of this form of play, from both the bottom’s aspect and the top’s.  We will talk about why it is that we do what we do and give you the tools required to begin exploring this yourself.

Play Dynamics
We dissect BDSM play, giving perspective to help understand the flow of the play.  Mr. Love will discuss some of the elements and tools you can use to not let life get in the way of the play you want to do.  We’ll discuss body language and non-verbal communication and the role of trust in your play.   We will cover the things you can do to make your play more effective or take your play to the next level.

Let’s Play a Game
In this class, Andrew Love lets out a bit more of that twisted sense of humor that is so characteristic of him. His quote? “I’m all for serious play but sometimes you just need to laugh and do something kind of fucked up.”  In this class we’ll go over some of Mr. Love’s favorite games to play that are BDSM themed. Join us while we incorporate SM in fun and twisted ways.

Building A Better Flogger
Build a flogger you can be proud of! Come learn Andrew Love’s recipe for a solid, well-built flogger.  You can’t build a high end flogger in under an hour but in this class we take things a little more cooking show style to get you through the construction steps in an efficient manner.  If you’ve wanted to make your own floggers that will last and have a professional, high-end look, this class is for you.

So, You’re Ready To Teach? 
If you’ve never taught a BDSM related class and would like to get started, let Mr. Love be your guide. In this class, he will give you an approach and list the  tools needed to create an effective class. Andrew Love will share his knowledge of educating based on his years of experience both teaching and leading a successful series of BDSM Classes.

Stimulating Sexual Submission & Surrender
I love when she surrenders, and she loves to surrender.   Sometimes that simple statement is not sufficient to sustain the state of mind she seeks and surrender is a strain.  During this class we are going to discuss the use of language and words, touch, a smidge of sadism and energetic connection to stimulate the state of mind and induce deeper states of sexual openness.   This is no magic seduction of consent; this is about turning a yes into Oh God Yes.